In the latest in our WISE WORDS interview series - where stars from a whole range of fields share the important life lessons
Computer science students thought they'd struck gold when their professor appeared to give them a guide to their final exams
"I've always been driven by what people want and not what I like," says Pete Waterman OBE. "I'm lucky enough to have come into this business seeing The Beatles before they were The Beatles, when they were John Lennon and The Silver Beetles.
The very funny Michael Spicer is about to turn 37. And thankfully for us - and all other men in a similar position - he has
The concert began at 8.30pm and was conducted by Conductor Ben Palmer, who shared wonderful anecdotes and stories about many of the pieces on the night and with his jovial, warm, engaging manner, the breathtakingly beautiful music was mesmerising.
This, ladies and gentlemen, is 'Never Gonna Wake Up'. And it's brilliant. Thank you, NilsOfficial and FOA, for the mash-up
Ah Rickrolling. That old internet joke, last funny at least a decade before Doge reared its doggy head, in which people are
Britain's summer music festivals have a reputation for being mud-soaked affairs. Yet this year's South Tyneside Summer Festival has, so far, proved an exception to that soggy stereotype, in which wearing wellies is de rigueur.
Oh, Reggie Watts, how we love you. Even more now - thanks to this new video created to mark the start of YouTube's Comedy
You know what? Some people seem to have an awful lot of time on their hands nowadays. And thank God they do - because otherwise
Kylie Minogue looks set to make Pete Waterman's dream come true, it seems, with confirmation that she will take to the stage
Stars from the glory days of Pete Waterman's "hit factory", including Rick Astley, Steps and Jason Donovan, are to come together
Lana Del Rey has thanked her fans for softening the blow of her bad reviews, by making her album number one in 11 countries