Rick Astley Reveals Unexpected Connection To Huge Mission: Impossible Star

The Never Gonna Give You Up's next video had a helping hand from the film star.
Rick Astley on BBC Breakfast
Rick Astley on BBC Breakfast

Rick Astley has revealed he has an unexpected connection to Mission: Impossible star Simon Pegg.

The pop singer, who is best known for his 1987 hit Never Gonna Give You Up, revealed on the BBC Breakfast on Monday that the British actor has directed his latest music video.

Rick said the star has “done an amazing job” after bringing the crew from Mission: Impossible – in which he stars as Benji Dunn – to film the music video.

It was certainly a different set-up from his previous video, as the promo for Never Gonna Stop was filmed on an iPhone by Rick and his wife while they were in Denmark, his wife’s native country.

Speaking with hosts Jon Kay and Sally Nugent, he said: “So we’ve gone from that to the next video for the next single that’s coming in a few weeks… We have Simon Pegg directing.

The two crossed paths after Simon “shared some love” about Rick on social media, the singer said.

After saying thank you, Rick’s wife encouraged him to ask if Simon directs videos.

Rick explained that Simon was keen and came up with the script and concept.

He added: “It was just a great couple of days to shoot it, to be honest. He brings all that kind of obvious knowledge he’s got from all the movies he’s been in and written and made no rest of it. But also he brings that sort of humour as well.”

The 53-year-old’s directing credits include Au Revoir, Chris Hemsworth, a 2020 short film including Tom Cruise.

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