14/01/2014 09:14 GMT | Updated 22/05/2015 06:12 BST

Double Take! Two Sisters Give Birth To Baby Boys At The Same Time In The Same Hospital

The chances were slim. In fact, they were just 125,000 - 1. But a pair of sisters have both given birth to baby boys – on the same day, at the same hospital, on the same ward.

Catherine Morris, 34, (pictured on the left of this photo) and Dawn Potts, 31, (pictured on the right) surprised midwives at North Staffordshire's University Hospital after they gave birth to boys within seven hours of each other.

Catherine went into labour first, and was even given the room reserved for her sister's Caesarean section. She received a cheeky text from Dawn, joking that she had pinched her bed.

Talking about her sister, Catherine said: 'We're really close and share our problems.

'Now we're sharing something amazing by having babies on the same day.'

The sisters had been expecting their babies within four days of each other at the start of September. But Dawn, a hairdresser, had her Caesarean brought forward by 11 days, and gave birth to Brody Lee, weighing 7lb 11oz, last Wednesday.

On the same day, Catherine, a cardiac physiologist, was taken to hospital to have her labour induced after an antenatal appointment revealed she had a low-lying placenta. Ethan Fletcher was born that day, weighing 8lb 7oz.

Ladbrokes put the odds of two sisters giving birth on the same ward on the same day at 125,000-1.