Five Tips For Cutting Out Articles About Cutting Out Sugar

Five Ways To Reduce The Amount You Read About Sugar
Todd Wright via Getty Images

Are you trying to cut down on the amount you read about cutting down on sugar? Here are five ways to beat your craving:

1. Clear out all sugar articles from your house

Start strong. Do a clean sweep of any newspapers or magazines that may contain sugar articles and throw them out - they'll only tempt you.

2. Beware of hidden sugar articles

You might think that a 'New Year, New You' piece in a Sunday magazine will mainly focus on getting fit and doing your own juicing - but look again and it's likely to contain something about cutting out sugar.

3. Eliminate sugar articles gradually from your diet

Do you read the health section of a newspaper every day? Try cutting it down to once a week. And if you consume weekly or monthly women's magazines, limit yourself to reading them only when you're at the hairdressers or in a doctor's waiting room. (Warning: doctors' waiting rooms may also carry literature about cutting out sugar.)

4. Remember: not all 'cut out sugar' articles are equal

There are good sugar and bad sugar articles. Some will compare sugar to tobacco, others to heroin. Others will even proclaim to be about cutting out sugar but turn out to be spoofs.

5. Look at the packaging

Does the article contain a picture of a woman looking mournfully at a plate of biscuits? A photograph of a pile of sugar? Be vigilant, and you'll beat your cravings to read it.


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