Horsemeat Scandal 2013: The Eight Most Ridiculous Moments


A year ago, Britain was in the throes of a horsemeat crisis, as food investigators found the stuff in much beloved supermarket treats.

Irish food inspectors found horsemeat in one Tesco product, with the supermarket giant forced to publish apologies in the press. Up to 100% horsemeat was found in Findus lasagnes, when it was supposed to be beef.

Since then, appalled Brits are thinking twice before tucking into their meaty treats with many sampling non-meat alternatives such as Quorn, which enjoyed a 10.3% net sales growth last year and a rise in sales volumes of 13% on 2012.

To look back on the horsemeat scandal, here are the six most utterly ridiculous moments, with supermarkets slipping up as we panicked over tucking into a surprise pony burger.

Tesco horsed around

Horsemeat scandal