Feeling Fresh? 12 Citrus Pick-Me-Ups To Brighten And Tone

Feeling Fresh? 12 Citrus Pick-Me-Ups To Brighten And Tone

Unless you're on a detox and feeling smug happy about it, January isn't exactly the month for being perky. Our skin is dry, our bodies are still recovering from the festive season, plus we're feeling tired and run down.

So - if there was ever a good time of year to introduce citrus-based bath, body and skincare products into our lives, it's now.

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Why? For a start, the oils from citrus fruits can do wonders for the skin.

"Citrus oils are gently astringent so they help to cleanse and tone making them ideal for skin that is oily and congested," Neal's Yard Remedies Medicines Director Susan Curtis told us.

A sniff of lemon oil can serve as a natural pick-me-up and it's great for boosting concentration. Lime juice also has antibiotic and disinfectant properties thanks to the high amount of vitamin C and flavonoids.

"Citruses are antibacterial which makes them a key ingredient in our body range and hand washes, perfect for everyday use," says Curtis.

Similarly, the antioxidants found in orange peel makes it a great toner. Orange oil is often used for its anti-ageing benefits and is brilliant for controlling oil levels in the skin, as well as removing impurities.

And if you need a boost of radiance? Orange, lime and lemon oils can sort that out too. Curtis confirmed that the other important role of citrus in skincare is to improve the circulation and revitalize tired dull complexions.

There are perks for hair too. The vitamin B in oranges also promotes growth while vitamin C helps to condition and nourish lacklustre locks.

And then there's the zesty perfume. Whatever your favourite citrus fragrance, using it in a bath or lighting a scented candle will make you feel fresh in minutes.

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