16/01/2014 07:37 GMT | Updated 25/01/2014 16:01 GMT

WATCH: Imperial College Students' Call Me Maybe And One Pound Fish Mashup Is Scarily Bad

Hand your crown over Loughborough SU, stand down Birmingham University's, there's a new king of cringey badness in town: the chemical engineering department at Imperial College London.

As if our ears hadn't been traumatised enough by the Lufbra's heinous rendition of "Naughty Boy" or our eyes scarred by the quite frankly embarrassing music video from Brum, we've now got Imperial's bizarre mash-up of Call Me Maybe and One Pound Fish to deal with.

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Please, we beg you, no more.

Thank you, Tab, for bringing this to our attention.*

*Please note heavy use of sarcasm.