'Celebrity Big Brother': Coleen Nolan Reveals Fears For 'Fragile' Sister Linda After Jim Davidson Rows

Coleen Nolan has spoken of her fears for sister Linda inside the 'Celebrity Big Brother' house, after revealing she has previously suffered suicidal thoughts.

The 'Loose Women' star has said she is desperate to get her sister out of the house as she is worried she could have a breakdown, following a series of explosive rows with Jim Davidson.

Coleen (right) with sister Linda

The star is already fragile following the death of her sister Bernie from cancer last year, and even said she wished she had died instead of her.

Coleen told the Daily Star: "After we lost Bernie she turned to me and said: 'I'm so annoyed because it should have been me, I've got nothing to live for'.

"I was just horrified but that's how she feels. She thinks she's got nothing and said to me 'I don't want to be here, I get up every day and force myself to live every day'."

"I'm worried about her. I want to go in and get her out," she added.

Coleen's admission follows the latest explosive row between Linda and Jim, which saw him reference an incident involving her late husband, where he was accused of stealing money from Frank Carson's wallet in 1995.

Linda Nolan was left in tears from Jim's remarks

Following the row, Coleen couldn't hide her anger, tweeted: "Can't speak cos I'm ready to scream! I could say so much, but I won't go to his level!!! So proud of my sis!! Xxx."

She added on Monday's 'Loose Women': I know where Linda is coming from, I’m not going to sit here and slag off Jim Davidson… but I know where she’s coming from with all of that.

"However her being my sister, there are times when I want to run in there and go ‘Back off now, calm it down or go in the garden and have it out both of you’ but it is really difficult because I can’t get in there and say it.”

CBB: Frank Carson row

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Celebrity Siblings

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