DOCUMENTARY OF THE WEEK: 'Tales From The Organ Trade'

DOCUMENTARY OF THE WEEK: Would You Buy An Organ To Save Your Life?

Every sixty minutes, a human organ is sold on the black market. It's a huge industry, trading in body parts from corneas, to eggs, to slices of liver. But, by far, the biggest demand on the menu is for... the kidney.

In 'Tales from the Organ Trade', narrated fittingly by David Cronenberg, Emmy Award-winning filmmaker Ric Bienstock goes on a labyrinthine journey from rogue surgeons, street traders to those willing to sell their own parts for pennies. And it asks the loaded question - if your life depended on getting hold of an organ any which way, what would you do?

'Tales from the Organ Trade' is available to view for £1 at Journeyman Films. Watch the trailer below...

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