Nightmarish 'Centipoodle' Is Not All It Appears (Thankfully)

Technology is responsible for some weird and wonderful things, from cloned sheep to genetically modified cows.

Now to their ranks add the 'centipede dog'.

But rather than complex science or imaginatively terrifying needlework, this technological chimera is thankfully the work of nothing more than a malfuntioning panoramic camera.

Reddit user LukeAllen1 posted the picture saying that he had been trying to take a picture of his garden in 'sweep across' panorama mode, when his dog wandered into the scene.

The surreal result was caused by the dog being present throughout the picture's composition.

Users who flocked to see the picture dubbed the animal "Caninepede", "centipoodle" and "dogerpillar" - mostly tongue-in-cheek, though over at Metro at least one user appeared to take it a little seriously, saying:

"I wouldn't want to have a dog like that, no matter how friendly it was. Why the hell are certain dogs like this born? Are we near the apocalypse or what????? Spooky! Horror of horrors!"