WATCH: What Ron Howard Discovered About James Hunt And Niki Lauda That Inspired Him To Make 'Rush'

WATCH: What Inspired 'Rush'

When Ron Howard heard the story of the intense Formula One rivalry between two very different men - British champagne-swilling playboy James Hunt and Austrian tireless technician Niki Lauda - he knew it was ripe for the big screen, and hence 'Rush' was born.

Daniel Bruhl has been nominated for his consuming turn as Lauda, and Chris Hemsworth has earned fresh plaudits for squeezing his Thor-size frame into the confines of a Grand Prix car, in this thrills-and-spills blockbuster that conveys all the atmosphere on the track, and captures the very different personalities off it.

'A tribute to a tale well told, as well as sterling performances across the grid'

'Rush is available to own on DVD/Blu-Ray from today, 27 January. To celebrate, we have this exclusive extra clip, revealing how these two sparring partners had more in common than they had to separate them, and what appealed most to director Ron Howard...

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