22/01/2014 10:33 GMT | Updated 22/05/2015 10:12 BST

Tip Of The Day - Celeb Tips For Beautiful Post-Pregnancy Hair

Did your hair look amazing when you were pregnant? Mine did. I'd never seen it so full and lush. However, post-birth was a different story - every time I brushed it, great clumps seemed to come away. Apparently all of this is pretty normal, but it's also yet another side-effect of having a baby that no one warns you about.

What's happening is that your normal daily hair loss slows down when you're pregnant. So though it may feel like you're losing more hair after giving birth, in effect things are just getting back to normal.

High profile hairdresser Lawrence Anthony is a multi-award winner whose TV credits include GMTV, LK Today, The Clothes Show and This Morning. He founded the website Want the Look to show how you can recreate celebrity styles.

Here's his advice on how to make the most of post-pregnancy hair:

Lawrence Anthony says:

1. Many women notice that their hair becomes thicker during pregnancy. This is often because fewer hairs tend to fall out on a daily basis in comparison to those that you would lose in a normal hair growth cycle. Post pregnancy and breast-feeding, some women find that they lose hair, making it feel thinner. Don't be alarmed, this is perfectly normal. This is just the backlog of hair that you would have lost over this period coming out at one time.

2. Try and get into the routine of having your hair trimmed regularly as this will help it to stay in good condition and make it feel thicker. Visit your hairdresser at least once every 6-8 weeks to have your hair trimmed and reshaped. If hair isn't cut regularly then the ends can become split and the hair becomes dry, broken and brittle.

3. There are many products that can help with the healthy regrowth of hair. Kerastase's Stimuliste is excellent at stimulating new hair growth. For best results use in conjunction with Kerastase Soin Densitive GL and Bain Prevention both of which are designed to target thinning hair and help to stimulate hair production whilst texturising the fibre of the hair.

4. Don't be surprised if you suffer from greasy hair post pregnancy. This may be related to your hormone levels. Pregnancy affects the hair in different ways in different people. Kerastase's Bain Divalent is a specific hair cleanser dedicated to tackling greasy hair. This mild shampoo will help to rid your hair of greasy roots without stripping away the natural oils from the mid-lengths and roots ends.

5. Some women experience very dry hair during and post pregnancy. This again is due to a change in hormone levels. Try using a shampoo like Matrix Biolage Ultra Hydrating and conditioner such as Redken All Soft Conditioner that are dedicated to targeting dry hair. In addition use a moisturising treatment mask once a week such as Kerastase Age Recharge. Just remember whatever changes you are experiencing to your hair are temporary.