Apple's 'Glass Cube' New York Store Smashed In Snow Storm (PICS)

Apple's flagship New York City store is famous for its 'glass cube' style - which is actually covered by a patent - as well as the fact that it has previously been subject to flooding.

And now it turns out the store is also extremely expensive - both to build, and to maintain. Originally it was built with 90 individual glass panels, but a $6.7 million dollar renovation in 2011 took that down to just 15. And now one of the cube's 15 glass panels has been smashed during a snowstorm - and it's estimated to cost more than $450,000 to replace.

Reports suggest that the glass panel was smashed by a snow blower which crashed into the side.

Unfortunately while it remains broken the store is rather more reminiscent of its frequently cracked iPhones, rather than the perfect design image it usually projects.