New York City

The actor snapped as the couple was mobbed in a New York City lobby.
Police arrested a gunman they suspect in the killings of homeless people in New York City and Washington, D.C.
The Duke and Duchess of Sussex made their first joint public appearances together since welcoming their daughter in June.
At least 45 deaths have been reported since Hurricane Ida swept into the States.
Hurricane Ida has killed at least nine people in the northeastern States after devastating Louisiana and Mississippi on Sunday.
Street artist Elle painted a three-story-tall mural of the late Supreme Court associate justice in New York City.
New York erupts in celebration as Democrat wins presidency, booting Donald Trump out of the White House.
Two more reasons for people in New York to go out: Paul Rudd and free cookies.
The New Yorker was hospitalised and “traumatised,” his mother said.
Protests in Thailand, a moonrise in New York City and a Supreme Court nominee round out this week's best images.