New York City

But the Prince of Wales might help change all that.
"I am delighted that Trump's name will no longer deface city parkland," a New York official said of the news.
"My eyes darted between watching the TV coverage and the billowing smoke outside the window. Then I suddenly remembered that I wasn’t alone in the apartment."
Newsworthy morsels which may have slipped under your radar while you were catching the sun.
The swimmer at Rockaway Beach was hospitalised with a massive thigh wound.
The new HBO documentary centers the lives of transgender sex workers amid the election of Rudy Giuliani, gentrification in the Bloomberg era and even 9/11.
The Killing Eve actor told audiences at Prima Facie she couldn't breathe, before stopping the play just 10 minutes in.
Viktoria Nasyrova, who faces a separate murder investigation in Russia, was slammed as a "ruthless and calculating con artist" following her failed 2016 murder plot.