24/01/2014 12:48 GMT | Updated 20/05/2015 06:12 BST

VIDEO: The Hottest Toys Of 2014 Revealed At The Toy Fair

Toy Fair 2014 Highlights

Not heard of an Innotab 3 baby, Henes M7 or a MiP? Well you may want to brush up on your toy knowledge, as these are the toys your children will be hankering after this year.

That's right, it may only be mid-January, but chances are Father Christmas' offerings are already starting to lose their sparkle in your kids' eyes. It won't be long until the cries of "But everyone else is getting one!" start up.

So what will you be expected to shell out for this year? A lot of the toys revealed at the Toy Fair 2014 were similar to toys many parents will have fond memories of from their own childhoods, with toy watches, ride-on-cars and robot figurines among the big hitters.

But there is one small difference between the new toys and those of yesteryear - they are far more technologically advanced! The Toy Fair 2014 has seen the launch of Scalextric controlled by your phone, a tablet for babies and the most luxurious and advanced ride-on-car, featuring suspension and leather seats.

Watch the video above to see these interactive toys in action - and see them in all their glory below.

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