24/01/2014 09:14 GMT | Updated 24/01/2014 09:59 GMT

These Women Haven't Used Shampoo For Years - We're Jealous

There's a new beauty trend on the block that we'd like to welcome with open arms: namely, ditching shampoo and letting your locks go au naturel.

Now, if you think that not washing your hair for days, weeks, months or even years will result in a deep-fat fryer-esque mess on top of your head, think again.

In fact, once you get over the initial greasy hump, it ends up looking pretty darn good.

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Recent non-washers to come out of the wood work include Lauren O'Neal, who confesses her aversion to shampoo on The Hairpin, and Jaquelyn Baers, who hasn't washed a hair on her head for five years.

Think of all that extra time in bed you'd have if you didn't have the shampoo-condition-towel-dry-blow dry-style saga to perform every (or every other) morning.

But the women are divided in their recommendations for a shampoo-free lifestyle. Lauren is a firm believer in "alterna-poo" (a Refinery 29-coined term that we hope will catch on), while Jaquelyn is "poo-free".

Writing on The Hairpin, Lauren shares her top wash tips as well as the key lessons she has learnt since ditching shampoo.

"You go through a terrible phase where you don’t wash your hair at all. When that phase is over, you do the following instead of using shampoo: put baking soda in your hair, rinse it out, put apple-cider vinegar in your hair, rinse it out. Repeat once every 5–7 days, washing with just water in the meantime. Boom bam boom, the end."

Jaquelyn denounced traditional hair-cleaning methods out of concern for the "paraben, phthalates, petroleum byproducts, and other dangerous toxic chemicals" in the average shampoo.

After a brief spout trying "the more expensive, more 'organic,' more 'natural' shampoos" and a baking soda/apple cider vinegar concotion - she decided her best option was to go without. Watch Jaquelyn's interview with HuffPost Live here.

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