28/01/2014 14:03 GMT | Updated 22/05/2015 10:12 BST

Feeding Your Family For £50 A Week - Could You Do It?

Augenblick fotografie & design/DPA/Press Association Images

In their latest advertising campaign, Sainsbury's are claiming you can feed a family of four for a week for £50.

The store is providing menu plans and ingredient lists, and says their suggestions are nutritionally balanced. This is a slightly controversial statement, given that jam on toast seems to be the favoured breakfast option, whilst lunches consist mainly of high fat sandwiches - cheese and ham, Ploughman's, and bacon, lettuce and tomato being three of the suggestions.

The evening meals are slightly more interesting (unless you are vegetarian - apart from one rather dull looking 'Chinese vegetable stir fry' all the suggested meals contain meat or fish), and include meatballs, sausage casserole and pasta with salmon.

Sainsbury's say their £50 a week challenge amounts to just 60p per person per meal a day and consists of 'tasty, healthy' every day items. We're not so sure - could you face jam on toast three mornings a week, or nothing more than a sarnie for your lunch? Surely more balanced - not to mention inspired - meals could be concocted within the price parameters?

What do you think? Could you feed a family of four for £50 a week? What would your weekly meal planner consist of?