'Gay Cat' Named Bull Allegedly Disowned By Owner In Nigeria

Bull The 'Gay Cat' Thrown Out By Owner

A woman has disowned her 7-year-old cat, Bull, for apparently being gay.

Poor old Bull's efforts to have sex with other male cats are apparently "a contradiction of the laws of nature," according to his former owner.

The middle-aged woman said her frisky feline has rejected available female cats.

The unnamed woman told Nigerian newspaper Leadership she finds the behaviour "disturbing and a contradiction of the laws of nature."

In further damning evidence, neighbours told Leadership that none of the other cats born while Bull was in the house had his colouring.

Having publicly declared the cat as gay, she added: "Anybody interested in this gay cat can have it because I have no further use of it."

The bizarre tale highlights Nigeria's worrying treatment of homosexuals.

Bill's harsh treatment comes just days after Nigerian President Goodluck Jonathan signed a controversial bill banning same-sex marriage, gay "amorous relationships" and participation in LGBT rights groups.

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