How do you connect to culture when 'home' is homophobic and it's not safe to be who you are?
The former president, now suspended from social media, congratulated the country on its national Twitter ban.
The UK has hoarded enough to vaccinate its population three times over. Nations such as Nigeria have nowhere near enough.
Nigerian LGBQT activists Freddie Jacob, Matthew Blaise and Victor Emmanuel joined the End Sars marches only to find fellow protesters turned on them. The activists who marched with the hashtag ‘Queer Lives Matter’ say that the fight for oppression should include Nigeria’s LGBT community too.
The protests against police brutality and the Special Anti-Robbery Squad began in early October.
#EndSARS is a current social movement against police brutality in Nigeria. The slogan calls for an end to a particular unit in the police force, with a long record of abuses. The protests started in 2017 as a Twitter campaign, using the hashtag to demand the government disband them.
While the university's role in owning people is long over, its role in enlightening them is just beginning, journalist Alex Mistlin writes.
A handy guide to the longest shots in each group for this year’s tournament.
The country's potential is enormous, but it must end all religious discrimination, persecution of Christians, and fully care for the poor
Such uncritical support of the sector ignores the appalling impact that corruption has on developing countries, and shows this government is merely paying lip service to the Paris Climate Agreement