Google Lego 'BuildWithChrome" Lets You Build (Toy) House Of Your Dreams In Your Browser

Build The (Toy) House Of Your Dreams On Your Browser

In a glorious example of making something digital that it's far easier to do in real life, you can now build Lego stuff using a browser.

Admittedly, if you don't own Lego then 'BuildWithChrome' is quite handy and there are some nice features on it like being able pick some land from a Maps style globe.

Pros of the traditional Lego genre will hope Google plan to expand upon the limited colours and block types available at the moment but perhaps that will change in time.

Google product marketing manager Adrian Soghoian said: "There's something pretty amazing about being able to piece together your ideas with just a collection of colourful bricks.

"Well, we think the creative freedom of Lego bricks shouldn't be limited to plastic bins—which is the idea behind Build with Chrome."

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