Singer Nolberto Given Massive Electric Shock On Stage, But Gets Up And Carries On


WARNING: Some people may find the footage upsetting...

A Dominican singer suffered a huge electric shock during a gig, collapsed... then returned to the stage and carried on playing.

Nolberto and his band, Alkala, were playing to a crowd at a carnival in Ranchillos, Argentina when he wandered to the front of the stage and placed his hand on scaffolding.

Mobile phone footage of the moment shows his body convulsing and steam rising from his shoulder.

What a guy

After several worrying moments spent unconscious, Nolberto got up and like an utter pro, returned to the stage to continue singing.

After the gig he said: "Nothing like this has ever happened to me before.

"What happened was that the stage was damp, and when I touched the metal I was shocked. So to stop myself from being electrocuted I had to throw myself off the stage."

Sir, we salute your professionalism...

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