29/01/2014 16:10 GMT | Updated 20/05/2015 10:12 BST

VIDEO: Splash! Presenter Gabby Logan Launches New Initiative To Educate Children About Food

Primary school pupils across the UK will will be given the opportunity to learn more about where food comes from, as part of a scheme launched by TV personality Gabby Logan.

The Farm to Fork initiative has been launched by Tesco in light of new research from the Future Foundation, which reveals that a third of children believe cheese comes from plants (yes, really!).

Children will be taken on educational 'trails' through farms, factories and supermarkets to find out where food really comes from and how it is made.

"So many kids are disconnected from that whole process because they might live a long way from a farmer or a supplier," says Gabby.

Classes will also be able to talk to suppliers across the world, such as banana growers and fishermen on trawlers using Google's Connected Classrooms, to help give children an understanding of the journey food goes on before reaching their plates.

Farm to Fork is backed by supporters including Diabetes UK, the National Famers' Union and the Children's Food Trust.

Watch the video above to learn more about the Farm to Fork initiative and why it is important. As one boy puts it: "It's better to know that potatoes come from the ground than thinking they come from trees."

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