29/01/2014 09:41 GMT | Updated 20/05/2015 06:12 BST

VIDEO: Thief Finds Newborn BABY In Bag He Stole

A thief got the shock of his life when he unzipped the bag he had stolen to find a newborn BABY inside.

Opportunist Kishor Kale, 20, was selling nail polish to women on a train in India when he picked up the apparently abandoned bag hoping it would contain valuables.

But when he opened it a baby's hand reached out to him. The shocked thief then tried to flee the station in Mumbai, India, but was caught by a ticket collector.

Soon, a crowd gathered to stare at the 15-day-old baby sleeping inside the bag.

The police arrived and detained Mr Kale thinking he was abandoning his own baby.

Police officer Hanuman Kharat, of Wadala Railway Police Station, said: "We're investigating the case and we're using Mr Kale to help us recreate the scene and find the baby's real family."

Police are also using CCTV footage to find out who exactly abandoned the bag on the train.

Mr Kharat said: "We are also speaking to maternity hospitals in the area to find out who has given birth to boys this week."

Doctors at the Bhabha Hospital, in Mumbai, said the baby is healthy and he is now being cared for at a children's home.

The police officer said Mr Kale has inadvertently saved the life of the baby boy.

Mr Kharat said: "He could've died inside the bag if Mr Kale had not mistaken the bag's weight for money. Things happen in mysterious ways."