Helen Flanagan Looks (Ahem) Smokin' At E-Cigarettes Launch (PICS)

Who said the life of a celebrity isn't always glamorous? Just look at Helen Flanagan stood in a wet car park, channeling her inner Sandy from 'Grease' whilst puffing away on an e-cigarette.

Helen Flanagan

Seeeeee, SO glam.

I'm guessing the acting work must be pretty thin on the ground at the moment as the former 'Corrie' star hasn't been bothering our TV screens much of late since her award-winning performance in errrm, 'Celebrity Super Spa'.

So in the meantime, the 23-year-old is the new lungs face of e-ciggies brand, KiK, which she launched in Manchester yesterday.

Speaking at the launch she admitted : “I’m not proud of being a smoker, I know it’s a bad habit. The e-cigarettes are a healthier alternative for me.”

Tell us about.... Hels.

Helen Flanagan

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