WATCH: Sinitta Fails 'The Jump', Anthea Turner Succeeds (VIDEO)

'The Jump' - showcasing a bunch of celebs doing their best in a bunch of Winter Olympics sporting events - has definitely improved since its rather limp debut on Sunday evening.

Since trying to keep our eyes open watching the likes of hairdresser Nicky Clarke sauntering down the mountain on skis in the men's slalom event, we've been treated to the far more TV-friendly fare of Sinitta (adorned in ski-gear, no tassles, cowboy boots or bikini in sight, sadly) and Anthea Turner having to compete to stay in the competition.

Here's Sinitta, overcoming her fears to fail in style during last night's jump-off, and what we love best is the calm explanation by veteran Barry Davies of just what was happening to the singer's insides during her jump...

And Anthea showing her how it's done. Calm and unfazed. Proving you can take the girl out of 'Blue Peter'...

'The Jump' continues on Channel 4 at 8pm tonight.

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