SwiftKey Finally Launches On iOS

SwiftKey Finally Launches On iOS

SwiftKey - the famed Android predictive keyboard - has launched on Apple's iOS App Store, albeit in a somewhat diminished form.

SwiftKey has won legions of fans (and at least 100 million users, by its own measures) on Google's Android platform since its launch in 2008, because of its unique method of using artificial intelligence to guess the next word you need to type.

Using this blend of auto-correct and predictive typing, which learns from you the more you use it, you can often become much faster at writing.

Unfortunately, Apple does not allow apps which replace its own software keyboard into the app store. Even something as nakedly useful as SwiftKey.

As such, in order to make it onto the iPad and iPhone the service has had to work with Apple to define its boundaries, and then launch as a standalone note taking app.

Using the SwiftKey notes app you can write notes and sync them with Evernote, and copy-paste text into other iOS apps if you need to.

Early indications are that the app offers a much improved experience over the normal iOS keyboard, with great predictions and auto-correct.

Unfortunately there are some missing pieces - aside from the fact it doesn't work on other apps. For instance, on Android the keyboard learns from your Gmail, Twitter and Facebook history, but on iOS that's restricted to just Evernote.

But otherwise it looks like a solid addition to the app store, and well worth checking out if you make a lot of long notes on your iDevice.

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