'The Shining' Twins Lisa And Louise Burns Make Red Carpet Appearance - What Do They Look Like Now?


Have you ever wondered what happened to those super scary twins from 'The Shining'?

Well, 34 years after the film's release, Lisa and Louise Burns - who played the young Grady girls who were murdered in Stanley Kubrick's iconic horror flick - have stepped back into the spotlight.

Lisa and Louise Burns

The pair made a red carpet appearance at a 50th anniversary screening of Kubrick's 'Dr Strangelove' at the BFI in London on Tuesday, looking unrecognisable as the two girls in blue dresses who taunted Danny Lloyd's character with their creepy chants in the 1980 film.

The twins as they appeared in 'The Shining'

After the film's release, the pair retired from acting and Louise became a microbiologist, while Lisa studied literature at university.

Photos From 'The Shining'

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