'Farm Heroes Saga' Tips: How To Win Without Spending Money

'Farm Heroes Saga' Tips

If you've played and (a) beaten or (b) given up on Candy Crush Saga, you might be itching for another addictive little game with which to test your skills, patience and general good humour.

'Farm Heroes Saga' is that game.

Coming from King, the makers of Candy Crush Saga as well as a bunch of other insanely addictive games, 'Farm Heroes Saga' presents the same careful blend of incredibly addictive gameplay, intense strategy and bright, clear graphics which made Candy Crush such a winner.

Of course, as soon as you start playing the game, you're going to need some tips to help you through the trickier levels.

Here's our guide on how to get started:

  • Know what to do. In the game, you simply have to gather all the (sigh) "cropsies" to win the level, by switching and matching three or more of the same type. If you can do that effectively, every time, without fail, you don't need this guide. You may, however, need a life.
  • Know your limits. Unfortunately the free-to-play model means that once you hit about level 105, you won't be able to progress without spending money or connect with your friends on Facebook. That's probably further than you'll bother to get anyway - but it's worth knowing.
  • Don't waste your turns. If your making a switch and it doesn't either boost or harvest your crops, it's not worth making. Also, if you've hit your quota for a particular crop, stop messing with it. Don't be a completist. Just do the bare minimum to get by.
  • Look for Five-in-a-Row-ers. If you can match give in a row, you'll set off a chain reaction which can go a long way to clearing a level. Try and do this whenever you can. It is awesome.
  • Use boosters. In Farm Heroes Saga, you get one free booster with a cooldown timer (it takes about a day to regenerate). It's not much, but use it. King don't often give away this stuff for free, so it's important to exploit their rare generosity.
  • Don't waste Magic Beans. Eventually you'll have to fight Rancid the Racoon to try and progress. This is made easier by using magic beans, which can give you matches more power. Just don't do this on your first round of a Rancid level - just try and get through it on your own first. You'll be surprised by how often you can get past him without using Beans, and to do so would just be a waste.
  • Use gold for Gates. That's it. Only ever use gold to unlock your gates - you'll start with 50 free, so unlock five gates with it.
  • Know your Cropsies. Other than having a really annoying name, cropsies are also very annoying to play against. So make sure you know your types - flowers, chicks, ice and all the others. You can find a good guide to these at Touch Arcade.

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