Super Ball Juggling: Tips On How To Get A High Score Without Cheats

Super Ball Juggling: Tips On How To Get A High Score Without Cheats

If you've played Flappy Bird, you're probably looking for another viral hit to waste time with. So why not stick with Gears games (and their creator Dong Nguyen), and try out 'Super Ball Juggling'?

In Super Ball Juggling, as in Flappy Bird, you're task is simple, and almost unbearably annoying (until you get good and beat your high score, that is).

All you have to do is tap the screen to kick the ball, and don't let it drop. If you do let it drop, you lose.

Simple? Easy? Sure, it sounds that way. But if you've played it, you'll soon find out it's not that simple.

Here are some tips to get the most out of it.

  1. Light Fingers. Try to keep your finger taps light and nimble - as in Flappy Birds, it's important not to linger and get into a rhythm.
  2. Relax. Like with Dong's other games, this is a hard, frustrating experience. It's not easy to judge when you have to tap, and even doing so in time doesn't always work. You're going to fail a lot - just get into the groove.
  3. Don't Tap With Two Fingers. This game is a little confusing, in that there are two players on screen and if you tap on the left and right side at once, you can play with both players. Lots of people seem to be under the illusion that you have to do this. You don't. Play once, save your sanity.
  4. Don't Panic When You See The High Scores. There are scores in this game's 'high scores' list which number in the millions - don't panic. You're not missing anything. Those scores are hacks. A good score is 10 - which earns a bronze medal.
  5. Medals... are also a thing here. 20 for silver, 30 for Gold.
  6. Know when to kick. IE when the ball is over your player's head, but not in front of their face.
  7. ... And how high. Quick taps kick the ball less high, try to get into a good metronomic rate.

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