06/02/2014 11:51 GMT | Updated 07/02/2014 10:59 GMT

Alabama Student Takes A Selfie With A Corpse, Posts To Instagram

As the selfie phenomenon has slowly seeped into the public consciousness, several stages have been discernable, with each trend slightly more bizarre than the previous.

There was the car selfie, the aeroplane selfie, the gym selfie, the pet selfie, the hospital selfie, the pregnant selfie, the ‘I’m on drugs’ selfie, the ‘knickers and bra pretending to be asleep’ selfie, and of course the funeral selfie.

Yes - she's smiling next to a corpse

Yet a student from Alabama has taken the addiction to a new and hitherto unthinkable depth. Introducing the corpse selfie. That’s right a High School student took a selfie with the cadaver of a former person now cold. Having immortalised herself with her unwitting prop, the student then posted the snap to Instagram. It is not known whether a filter was used.

The corpse was the property of the University of Alabama's biology department, which the selfie-taker was visiting as part of a class field trip from her school. The Instagram picture was quickly deleted but not before one of the snapper's classmates had spotted it and informed the University.

Speaking to a local radio station, the University said that "sheets were not supposed to be removed from donated bodies and that under no circumstance were students or any other visitors supposed to have cell phones or recording devices on hand during the tour."

The school is currently deciding on the appropriate disciplinary action for this somewhat unique misdemeanour.