'Flappy Doge': Flappy Bird Clone Salves The Bitter Sting Of Loss (Such Flappy, Many Pipe)

Flappy Doge: Wow, Such Clone, Many Pipe
Flappy Doge

Are you still weeping bitter tears of loss over the early death of gaming mega-hit Flappy Bird?

Do you have an over-developed sense of humour about internet memes and, in particular, a mystified dog?

We present to you, your salvation: Flappy Doge.

This amazingly Doge clone of the original game combines 8-bit doge graphics, customised messages and as far as we can tell, slightly easier gameplay.

Unfortunately if you don't know what Doge is then this work of genius will be totally lost on you. And we have no intention of telling you what it means.

Check out Flappy Doge here - and if you want something closer to the original, you can find a list of links for exactly that here.


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