10/02/2014 06:12 GMT | Updated 10/02/2014 06:59 GMT

Nasa Developing Muscle And Bone Regenerating Technology

Every once in a while something comes along that makes you feel like we're living in the future - this is no exception.

Nasa is developing technology that can regenerate bone and muscle, essentially a healing machine like in 'Star Trek'.

The space agency has in mind the long durations that astronauts spend in zero-gravity which leads to the wasting of body tissue, a process called osteopenia.

Nasa is working with another company, GRoK Technologies LLC of Houston, who will use the technology to develop two other platforms.

The first platform, called BioReplicates, will allow users to create 3-D human tissue models that can be used to test cosmetics, drugs and other products for safety, efficacy and toxicity with greater accuracy, reliability and cost-efficiency.

This also has the potential benefit of reducing the industry's reliance on animal testing.

The second platform, called Scionic, could lead to the development of medical devices designed to target musculoskeletal pain and inflammation in humans and animals noninvasively and without the use of pharmaceuticals.

Yolanda Marshall, director of the Strategic Opportunities and Partnership Development Office at NASA's Johnson Space Center in Houston, said: "Biotechnology research taking place on the International Space Station and at NASA centres around the country continues to push the leading edge of science.

"This partnership will further enhance NASA's ability to share the unique breakthroughs made in space-based research."

The project is very much still in its infancy with four patents rather than any actual devices but the desire the create them is certainly there.