10/02/2014 06:37 GMT | Updated 10/02/2014 06:59 GMT

Stephen Fry's Bacteria Grows Self-Portrait Of Stephen Fry

A non-sentient culture of Stephen Fry's bacteria has produced its own portrait of their human host.

The amazing image was made to promote the Big Bang UK Young Scientists & Engineers Fair, which opens on 15 February at the Millennium Point in Birmingham.

Zachary Copfer, an American microbiologist-cum-photographer, is the mind behind the unusual self portraits.

His technique involves exposing a petri dish to radiation in certain precise areas. The response from the bacteria creates the light and shade which together make up the photograph.

The "bacteriographs" are not made by any old bacteria - they're created using the subject's own bacteria.

Copfer said:

"It’s been great to have been given the chance to get involved with The Big Bang Fair. I’m particularly excited that my work will be a big part of the Fair's central aim to inspire the next generation of scientists and engineers – and hope that my work will not only help get young people excited about science but that it will also encourage them to apply the scientific knowledge they gain in fun and unique ways."

Take a look at the portrait forming itself above.