From bath towels to hand towels, we asked hygiene experts for definitive advice.
The dirtiest pit was found to contain 170,818 bacteria per ball 😱
Two people in the Egyptian hotel where a British couple died have been diagnosed with the illness.
But South African food producers can get as close to zero-exposure as practically as possible – although this will require a lot of money.
Bacteria are very clever. Resistance to drugs can be acquired by sharing mobile genetic units (called plasmids) between bacteria; this is known as "horizontal' evolution. When resistant bugs are in the hospital where you are getting treatment, it is therefore very easy for them share resistance genes.
A recent discovery has been that the bacteria within our gut play an important role in determining our weight. Your "genome" (all the genes that code and make you) is dwarfed by the gut "microbiome" (the microbial genes that reside within your gut) - a massive, highly individualised engine essential to your health.
Faecal bacteria has been discovered in ice at three major high street coffee chains, according to an investigation. Samples
What would you say if we told you the handle on your office coffee pot contains up to 34 times more bacteria than a school