Sochi 2014: Canadian Skier Alex Bilodeau Celebrates Gold With His Disabled Brother Frederic (PICTURES)

A Canadian freestyle skier has reminded the entire world of the unifying power of the Olympic Games. Far from the controversies of the host country or the global politics that have provided an undercurrent to the Olympiad, a simple gesture by Alex Bilodeau could become one of this year’s defining moments of sport.

Having completed a stunning run in his event to win Gold, 26-year-old Alex stopped at the bottom of the mountain, ran over to his disabled brother and pulled him over the security barrier so the pair could celebrate together. Alex said his brother Frederic, who was diagnosed with cerebral palsy at an early age, provided the inspiration for his win.

"The motivation that he has, if he had had the chances like I did, he would have been four times Olympic champion. He's a great inspiration, a great person and he's going to be an inspiration for me after my career also," Bilodeau told NBC. "I always complain, and he has every reason in the world to complain and he never does. And why is that? He enjoys life, he takes the best out of it."