The Most Cringey Condom Ad That Your Eyes Will Never Be Able To Unsee

It's not mature, but when it comes to thinking about our parents having sex, we assume they have Barbie and Ken genitals (i.e, none) and conceived us via the power of cuddles.

But - perhaps it's time to grow up, because sex doesn't stop when you get older.

No, when you're 50 and newly single, according to a new ad by condom manufacturer Trojan, your kids will give you sex advice and pop a rubber johnny in your pocket on your way out.

We know it's necessary - HuffPost 50 referred to a deep study on whether or not midlifers are sexually active, and to what degree.

"It showed that three-quarters of those 57 to 64 had active sex lives. The healthiest in that age range had even more sex. More research followed soon after, showing a rise in the number of STDs in adults over 50."

That doesn't make watching Dad stare at a packet of Trojan Bare Skin any easier though...