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The research offers women new language that empowers them to make vaginal penetration more satisfying.
LesBeMums Kate Everall and psychotherapist Sammantha Knight on how to approach the subject of sex and relationships with your children, no matter their age.
The positive impact sertraline has had on my life is much greater than its side effects – and it’s prompted me to try some new tricks in the bedroom too.
Sex isn't the same as it once was now I’m unable to offer what I once could. But sex still exists.
A year after catching the virus, I’m realising the way I used to enjoy sex is no longer possible.
Thanks to the coronavirus and social distancing, sex is a distant memory for many singles.
Like many women, I was afraid to delve into the world of self-pleasure. But for the first time I felt like I had the space to explore my body without embarrassment.
A’Whora from RuPaul's Drag Race UK turned heads with her 3D-printed outfit. And there's more where that came from.
We’re not two women being strung along by a man. We’re not a couple using another woman like a human sex toy. We are simply three people in a relationship.
One email screwed with my sexuality for years before I realised I was just a scapegoat for another person’s bad behaviour.