WATCH: Ed Miliband Savaged By Local MP Alok Sharma For Floods 'Photo Opportunity'

WATCH: 'Flood Tourist' Ed Miliband Savaged By Local MP

Ed Miliband was met with a fierce response by a local MP, who accused him of visiting the flood-hit town of Purley, Berkshire, for a "photo opportunity".

Alok Sharma, Tory MP for Reading West, branded Miliband a "Westminster flood tourist" and said that local residents were "not interested" in politicians coming to visit for a photo opportunity.

"The issue is Mr Miliband, why are you actually here?" he added.

The Labour leader said he would do "everything" possible to 'persuade the Government' to help the local residents, but Sharma attacked Labour's record on flood defences and accused them of not taking action in 2003.

Miliband insisted that the visit wasn't about politics but "working together".

He wasn't the only one to face a rough reception during a flood visit, as defence secretary Philip Hammond was told off by a flood victim on live TV.


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