Fidel Castro Photograph Doctored To Remove Hearing Aid

Ear Today, Gone Tomorrow

It was ear before, but now it's disappeared. That was the view of Associated Press re-touching experts when they looked closer at seven archive photographs of former Cuban President Fidel Castro, supplied by the country's government.

The photographs to have removed a hearing aid from the retired leader's ear. AP received the photos from Cuban agency Estudios Revolucion, of leadership attending the Latin America and Caribbean summit in Havana. T

"We have concluded that a number of official photographs of Fidel Castro were manipulated. Removing elements from a photograph is entirely unacceptable and is in clear violation of AP's standards," said AP vice president and director of photography Santiago Lyon.

The image, before and after

Cuba's government has not commented on the allegation.

AP says that its policy is to use handout photographs only when there is no other option, and the photos are screened and checked for manipulation.

After acquiring the original image from photographer, Alex Castro, the former leader's son, editors noted a thin wire into Fidel Castro's ear.

Alex Castro told the AP he was unaware they had been manipulated prior to their distribution.


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