Justin Bieber Changes Instagram Name To Bizzle - Is He Breaking Into Hip Hop?

Justin Bieber
Justin Bieber

Justin Bieber alerted his 50m Twitter followers that he'll be turning 20 in 20 days on Sunday, and with his new 'maturity' comes a new name - Bieber is rebranding himself as Bizzle.

Suggesting he's going down the hip hop route, aka Snoop Dizzle or perhaps more Rizzle Kicks, Beebs seems to think a different moniker (on Instagram, at least) is the way forward.

And his new name isn't the only hint that he's turning urban - last week he also tweeted that he was in the studio with T-Pain.

At the weekend the troubled star also posted a snap of himself recording with rapper TI on Instagram:

Will the millions of teenage fans he earned by singing sickly-sweet songs like 'Baby' keep following him if he goes down the rap route? Album sales will tell.

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