'Titanfall' Preview: Punching Robots, Catching Bullets And 8 More Reasons You're Going To Love This Game


You have probably already heard the reductionist pitch for 'Titanfall', Microsoft and EA's next big first-person shooter for Xbox One and Xbox 360:

"It's 'Call of Duty' with wall-running and massive robots."

And yes, in a sense it is that. 'Titanfall' is obviously a fast-paced, action-packed FPS with gravity-defying ground combat and huge, heavy robots battering each other with rockets.

What you might not have heard are honest, evidence-based answers to the two most important questions that surround this game.

  1. Is it fun?
  2. Is it different?

Well, now we've had a chance to play through the game's tutorial and a couple of hours of multiplayer gameplay. And we think we have some strong early impressions that might serve as answers...

There's still much to explore and discover about 'Titanfall' ahead of and following its public beta and subsequent 11 March release. But before we get there, let's run through what we think are the 10 top reasons to get very, very excited about this game.

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