Sharing Cat Pictures, Post-It Notes, Germy Payphones: The Realities Of This Man's No-Phone Challenge

Voluntarily releasing yourself from the clutches of your mobile phone is not appealing: we know too well that unsettling, gaspy feeling when you've realised you've left it at home for the day.

But surely feeling like this isn't a good thing?

A no-phone challenge undertaken by comedian and filmmaker Mark Malkoff in partnership with US Cellular brilliantly illustrates the insidious co-dependent relationship we have with our devices, as he tries to come up with alternatives for sharing cat pictures, the challenges of using a payphone (seriously, how did we use them and not die of germ overload?) as well as leaving Post-It notes for his wife in the absence of text.

Talking on ABC News, he said he felt cut off from his family, noted that he used his phone as an alarm and instead of Facebook, said: "I went to Times Square and shouted out what I had for breakfast on a megaphone."

Although there were downsides - especially when someone didn't turn up for a meeting with him and he didn't know how to contact them - he said there were positives: he didn't realise how much he relied on his phone.

However, although Mark has said that he was really looking forward to getting his phone back, we have to say, the experiment is pretty brilliant. And funny.

Watch the entire series here.