Valentine's Day: What Are Brits Set To Spend The Most On?

Valentine's Day will see Britons flock to the shops to get their presents even to the very last minute.

Britons are set to spend £68 million on February 14th for Valentine's Day related activities, with eating out taking up the largest chunk at £55 million, according to research by Barclays.

Valentine's Day shoppers will increasingly pay for their presents on their mobiles, with Barclays predicting a six fold rise today compared to last year as £2 million is sent in mobile payments.

Catherine McGrath, managing director at Barclays Retail Bank, said: “Despite consumers still facing the squeeze this year in terms of disposable income, we predict spending to be on the rise this Valentine’s Day, as couples look to splash out on treats for their loved ones.

Here's the full breakdown of what Britons will be spending their money on for Valentine's Day.

£5 million on flowers

Valentine's Day spending