17/02/2014 09:52 GMT | Updated 20/02/2014 07:59 GMT

Dramatic Pictures Capture EasyJet Plane Hit By Violent Gusts Of Wind

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A nifty Easyjet pilot managed to steer his plane from the edge of disaster as it was hit by a violent gust of wind on a London runway.

The plane’s wing was within feet of smashing into the tarmac at 150mph, until the quick-thinking pilot aborted the landing.


The easyjet plane was caught in a rough gust of wind


The plane’s wing came close to the tarmac

The pilot and co-pilot were the only people on board the flight into Luton Airport, which they tried to land twice before deciding not to attempt the dangerous landing again.


The plane was then diverted to Stansted.


The pilot and co-pilot were the only people on board the flight into Luton Airport

EasyJet spokeswoman Anna Knowles told the Sun: “Although the pictures may appear dramatic, the winds were within operating limits.”


The flight was diverted to Stansted with the winds considered too strong

Plane-spotter Trevor Nash who took the snaps told the newspaper: “I was sure it was going to crash. It would have headed towards the terminal, but the skill of the pilot saved the day.

“He rolled to the left, then there was this huge wind and he flipped over to the right. The wing was only 6ft off the ground. If it had hit, it would have been a disaster.”