17/02/2014 07:37 GMT | Updated 17/02/2014 07:59 GMT

Jony Ive Disappears From Apple Executive Profiles List

UPDATE: Jony Ive is back on the page. Panic over folks...

Sir Jony Ive - the man responsible for the design of iconic Apple products - has mysteriously disappeared off the company's biography page of executives in the US.

Where's Jony?

Spotted by Pocket-Lint, the omission has inevitably led some to speculate that the Englishman's future at the company is in doubt.

Or maybe a change in role? Naturally Twitter went into overdrive and rumours have his demise circulated...

Others however suspect it is no more than a glitch, pointing out he is still visible on the UK Page.

Which is probably more likely...

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