Jony Ive

But are we ignoring the addictive nature of smartphones? Try taking away someone's phone today and see how long they can cope without it. Look around on a train or bus and see how many people are lost to the real world, gazing blankly into their phone. Phone separation, or battery status, is now a genuine source of anxiety for many people.
Jony Ive has been promoted to Chief Design Officer of Apple. Ive will now have command over the design direction of both
If Apple had made the iPhone 6's battery bigger we would be using it far less, says Apple design chief Jony Ive. In an interview
Why is the Apple watch a rectangle? Because “a circle doesn’t make any sense”. That’s the verdict of Apple design chief Jony
If you're Jony Ive -- a design genius, responsible for literally the majority of the most influential tech products of the
One of the original designers of the iPhone has left Apple after a reported "falling out" with design chief Jony Ive. Greg
UPDATE: Jony Ive is back on the page. Panic over folks... Sir Jony Ive - the man responsible for the design of iconic Apple
A unique Leica camera designed by Apple's Jony Ive has sold for more than $1.8 million at a charity auction. The stunning
Apple's Tim Cook, Jony Ive And Craig Federighi Open Up To BusinessWeek