16 Pictures Of Apple Genius Jony Ive's Spectacular $17 Million Mansion

If you're Jony Ive -- a design genius, responsible for literally the majority of the most influential tech products of the last decade, a knight of the realm and someone with the intellect to dream up jaw-dropping cameras just for fun -- where do you live?

We forgot to mention you're worth at least $130 million.

Well the truth is you probably live in lots of different places, including a space zeppelin and a personal undersea mermaid ranch.

But you might also see your way to buying up mansions on San Francisco's 'Billionaire's Row' for $17 million, before gutting them from the inside out to produce a new design landmark in their place.

That's just what Ive appears to be up to. He bought the house, described recently on the Wall St Journal and Business Insider back in 2012, but almost the entire front of the house has now been covered in boards. Before the unveiling (presumably a private affair, rather than an internationally televised press conference) Sotheby's published these pics of what was then a $25 million house. We thought you might be interested in taking a look at the kind of place Ive might buy -- and then totally rebuild in his own style.

This is the front of Ive's beautiful house

Jony Ive's $17 Million Mansion