San Francisco

"Said he wrote a book," the actor quipped after running into the Duke of Sussex.
San Francisco building inspectors said that the strobing white lights on Twitter's rooftop were erected without the required safety permits.
The woman alighted from the train “at the very last second" and the dog remained on board, officials said.
"Looks like a great spot to get baked," said the city's parks director, who plans to leave the structure up, at least for a "while."
Moving continents during a pandemic was hard enough. We didn’t expect to have to watch the Golden State burn around us too.
With many music and live theatre venues closed during the pandemic, one San Francisco drag club decided to bring their performers right to their audience's doorstep. Oasis launched its "Meals on Heels" service in August. For a fee, plus tips, drag queens will deliver food and cocktails right to your door, followed by a curbside, socially distant sidewalk lip sync performance for you and your neighbours.
A San Francisco woman is already losing business for what she now acknowledges was a "racist" move.
The outbreak of the coronavirus has led to the emptying of public spaces around the world, whether by government plans or people making personal choices not to visit once thriving areas as social distancing takes effect. Here’s what the world looks like pre and post coronavirus.
From the Golden Gate Bridge to steep streets and delicious food, the city has it all.