Mars One Habitat Concept By Bryan Versteeg Shows How We Could Live On The Red Planet

This Is How Living On Mars Might Look Like

We're still not quite sure how to get to, land on or get off Mars just yet, but that hasn't stopped a Canadian designer envisaging what our Red Planet homes could look like.

Bryan Versteeg has a 20-year career in the graphics industry and in 2011 founded a website specifically to "focus on the conceptual visualisation for space exploration".

And this is one of the results...

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The Mars One project is seeking to launch a one-way mission to the planet. Despite the certainty of never seeing Earth again, over 100,000 people signed up to die in space.

Speaking to the Canadian Press, he said: "I've always been seeking out the future of engineering. It's a great way to look into the future.

He adds on the Mars One website: "I'm extremely excited about this project. I have always worked in the architectural field, but my passion is with design for space missions.

"Mars One struck me as technically feasible and financially sound. I am proud to be a part of this exciting company."


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