Abbey Clancy Flashes Her Bum After Getting Pranked By Her Friends At London Fashion Week (PIC)

Abbey Clancy has already suffered one wardrobe malfunction during London Fashion Week when her boob made a bid for freedom - so no wonder the 'Strictly' winner took her latest wardrobe mishap in her stride.

Well, we say wardrobe malfunction, Abbey ended up flashing her derriere after two mischievous friends thought it would be a bit of a giggle to hike her skirt up around her waist.

Abbey Clancy flashes her pants thanks to her two mischievous friends

Luckily the model saw the funny side and was all smiles as she tried to regain her composure.

Mind you, with a bottom and set of abs that most would kill for, we can't say we're too surprised that the mum-of-one was so unfazed.

But seriously, with friends like that, who flippin' well needs enemies?

Abbey Clancy

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